Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum at St. Mary Parish School is a comprehensive K3 through 8th grade program that teaches students about historical events of the past and the present, the world around them, and the ways in which people interact, solve conflicts, and make changes in their lives.

Our students learn through a wide variety of interactive and experiential instruction including activities such as:

  • Grade 1 Grismer World Tours
  • Grade 3 Laura Ingalls Wilder Day
  • Grade 4 Tour the state capital
  • Grade 6 Mythology skits
  • Grade 6 Notepad business to learn about economics
  • Grade 7 Medieval Feast
  • Grade 7 and 8 “Finance Park” partnership with Junior Achievement
  • Grade 8 Savings account and touring a bank
  • Grade 8 Trip to Washington, D.C. culminating lessons about our state and national government

At St. Mary Parish School, our Social Studies education:

  • Reaches beyond the acquisition of useful information.
  • Develops judgment and perspective in students when it focuses upon broad, significant themes and questions rather than short-lived memorization of facts without context.
  • Reflects the multicultural dimension of our society and our connections with a global world order.
  • Follows Wisconsin Social Studies Standards.
  • Includes “whole cultural explorations” with cross-curricular connections like literature stories, math and money systems, and fine arts.
  • Emphasizes current events.
  • Incorporates technology, research, mapwork and games.

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