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RaiseRight by ShopWithScrip

St. Mary Parish School participates in a national Scrip program that allows you to purchase gift cards that can be used at a great variety of merchants including grocery and department stores, movie theaters, travel destinations and gas stations. You pay the face value of the scrip gift card and the merchant gives a percentage rebate to St. Mary Parish.

How does this help your family with tuition?

Here’s how this win-win program works: typically, 100% of the profit generated by this program comes to the parish. However, once you have met your fundraising obligation ($250) the parish passes this rebate back to you to be used to offset tuition for the following school yearAnd, your friends and neighbors can transfer their profits to you to be used toward your child’s tuition. Download  this RaiseRight – Scrip Info Guide to find out how Scrip can supplement your child’s tuition.