Kindergarten Curriculum (K3, K4 & K5)

The kindergarten program (K3, K4 and K5) at St. Mary Parish School provides a welcoming and nurturing environment where all children can be successful learners. Based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, our early childhood environments are intentionally designed to provoke the curiosity and exploration of children at differing levels of development. Through rich, balanced play experiences involving pretend play, construction, structured learning, and multi-sensory experiences, children learn to be flexible thinkers and to develop core social skills, such as negotiation, collaboration, and empathy. Children are guided in developing a relationship with God, learning about the world, making friends, and building independence and leadership skills, resulting in a strong foundation of faith, intelligence, creativity, and social competence. K4 and K5 students also participate in “specials” such as art, music, library, computers. and physical education. K5 students can participate in private music lessons and Girl Scouts (Daisies).

K3  is a offered as a half-day program,  2-3 mornings each week.
K4  is offered as a full-day or half-day program, every day.
K5 is a full day program. 

Extended Care Program

Before and after school we offer an Extended Care Program. Children enjoy opportunities for study and play  in a supervised setting. Our Extended Care staff strive to create a safe, secure, fun and creative environment for the children in their care while they await your arrival.

Extended Care Brochure


Before School: 6:30 am – 7:50 am

After School:  3 – 6 pm


An Hourly rate of $6 is billed through Smart Tuition on a bi-weekly basis.


Email:  [email protected]
Call:  262-251-1050

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