Catholic Values

Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee uniquely balance faith and education. St. Mary students can expect academic excellence, healthy social relationships, a supportive environment with an emphasis on Catholic values.


What Catholic Values in Education mean to us:

  • Christ as a model: Our goal is to help children mature into Christ-like Live Jesus. Students are encouraged to recognize the presence of Christ in themselves and others. The religious formation of children begun at home is continued at school.
  • Self-discipline:Students are expected to accept responsibility for their actions, to respect others and to make good decisions in the context of their faith experience.
  • Committed parents: Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s education by volunteering. There are many ways to get involved including on the playground, in the lunchroom, and attending fieldtrips.
  • Committed teachers: Parents are a child’s first teachers. We do our best to support your family and work with you for the benefit of your children.
  • A rigorous curriculum: Most students take four years of mathematics, history, English, science, foreign language, and religious studies in high school.
  • A safe, supportive environment:Reverence for the human dignity of every person comes from recognizing Christ in self and others. More than a “Drug-free zone” or “Gun-free zone,” we strive to be a “Christ-centered zone.”
  • High expectations: Catholic school teachers expect every student to achieve. With small class sizes teachers can really get to know their students and personalize instruction to help every student achieve success.