If I told you St. Mary Parish School students receive the best faith-based educational experience around — you might tell me that I am biased. Doesn’t every Catholic principal feel that way about their school? I hope so! But in my case I am making that bold claim with some solid evidence behind it.

Recently I received a letter from Marquette University High School Principal Jeff Monday. This is the kind of letter any principal loves to receive. Monday writes:

I wanted to share the good news of the students who graduated from St. Mary and are now on the honor roll at Marquette. Of course, the foundation for a student’s success in high school is established in elementary school and middle school. Please share this good news with your faculty and school community.”

Not every high school is in the practice of sending a letter like this. If that was the case, I am certain I would receive many more. This is just one recent example of the many St. Mary alumni success stories.

Our alumni excel in academics, sports, and other pursuits because of that “foundation” Monday mentions that was established in St. Mary classrooms and the parish community. I congratulate these MUHS students and their families on this achievement — and all of the other St. Mary alumni and families — who continue to challenge their minds, develop their character, and live Jesus.

I also congratulate our teachers, staff, coaches, volunteers, and church leaders who helped shape these and all of our alumni. We share in their success!