The Saint Mary Parish School Forensics Team celebrated an awesome season with a bowling party at Krueger’s last week. The 2023-24 season was St. Mary Parish School’s first year re-entering the Mid-Level Forensic Association since COVID; our small but mighty team showed unwavering success throughout the meets and each participant came back with ribbons and medals!

Tilly M., Emma E. and Emma Y. at State

Loreli D. celebrated her success at the two meets where she competed, earning blue ribbons and a first place medal in Persuasive Speech. Tilly M. earned a whopping five blue ribbons and one first place medal during the regular season. She consistently was our top performer in scores, earning perfect scores in both rounds when she competed at state in the Non-Original Oratory Category. Emma E. and Emma Y., who competed together, earned three blue ribbons and two 1st place medals during the regular season. They were honored to be selected for the power round at State, yielding medals and a third place trophy for their Infomercial.

Students, parents and coaches all agree that it was extremely rewarding to see a tremendous amount of growth in public speaking skills and confidence by these amazing girls throughout the season!

Thank you to Mrs. Schroeder for hosting practices for the team after school on Thursdays to help them develop their pieces, offering excellent tips and feedback for improvement! Please contact Mrs. Schroeder, Katie Esser or visit the Middle Level Forensics Association website at to see how you can be involved in this extracurricular next year!

Pictured left to right: Loreli D., Emma E., Emma Y., Tilly M.

Participants Loreli D., Emma E., Emma Y., and Tilly M. earned first-place ribbons at the Holy Angels Meet on Feb. 9