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“I just wanted to let Mrs. Joyner know that when we gave school tours in January, we mentioned that our son, a graduate of St. Mary’s, was attending UW-Madison. The tour families (even though they have very young children) were excited to hear about St. Mary graduates going on to good colleges. My daughter, who also gave the tours with us, was able to talk about going on to take Honors and AP classes in high school after her education at St. Mary’s. I would just like to say thank you for the educational and social opportunities that exist at St. Mary Parish School. With a son in college, a daughter in high school and another daughter halfway through middle school, I have seen the rewards of sending our children to St. Mary’s!”

Ginny, parent of 3 St. Mary students


“Our daughter enjoys K3 at St. Mary’s so much, she wishes she had class every day. The teacher has created a classroom where the children are not only learning, but having so much fun while doing so. We are thrilled that St. Mary’s offers our 3-year-old the same quality Catholic education that the K4 through 8th graders receive. We feel that K3 at St. Mary’s has been a very positive start for our daughter in her formal education journey.”

Val and Scott Latzke, parent of K3 student


“We wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else! We love St. Mary Parish School!”

Parent of 5K, 1st and 5th graders


“Our 4-year-old is rather shy and wasn’t too thrilled to be starting school. However, now he can’t wait to come every day! He loves school and is learning so much. We are grateful to the teachers at St. Mary for helping him come out of his shell.”

Parent of K4, 1st and 3rd graders


“I just wanted to let you know how excited Olivia was to participate in mass this morning. Thank you for letting her have that opportunity. You have made her transition to school such a wonderful experience. I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge and values you share with her every day. Watching all the kids participate was heartwarming and just again reinforces that we made the right decision in sending her to St. Mary’s. The school community – staff, teachers and parents – are truly an amazing group of people. Thank you again!”

Tracy, parent of K5 student


“My two granddaughters, Lucy and Lily Braun attend your school and I had the opportunity to participate in Grandparent’s Day on Friday.  I was so impressed with your school and the teachers I met.  The Book Fair was very nice and well organized. I felt so good as I left your fine school on Friday, knowing that my 2 girls were in good hands. Please let your staff know that they are doing an outstanding job. I worked 45 years in education, the last 12 as Dean of Students at a private all-girls Catholic High School in Louisville, Kentucky. I spent 33 years in public schools as a teacher, a high school principal, a superintendent, and a university professor. My point is that I’ve seen many schools, public and private. St. Mary Parish School ranks as one of the very best that I’ve seen. Congratulations and thanks!”

Sam Chandler, grandfather of 7th and 1st graders


“Grandparents Day was delightful! I’m always amazed at how much the kids are able to learn. Our school is an asset to the parish and the community. Thank you for all you do and have done for so long.”

Nancy and Ken Wildt, grandparents of K4 and 2nd grade students


“At this time last year, our family was new to St. Mary Parish. We had finally made the decision to leave our former parish and enroll our oldest child in St. Mary School. It was not an easy choice for us, and it took us a long time to actually make the switch. We spent several months attending different masses at St. Mary’s. We talked to other families that had children here to gain insight into the parish and the school. We toured the school several times and met with Mrs. Joyner to ask questions and learn more about the school. After much discussion, we ultimately made the decision to join St. Mary Parish, and we enrolled our son in K5. Looking back on the past year, we are confident that we made the right decision for our family. We have found St. Mary’s to be a very welcoming community, and the education that our son is receiving has been amazing. It’s hard to believe how much he has learned this year, and how much faith and religion have been a part of each day’s learning.”

The Kohls Family, parents of 3 students

There are so many others – parents, students, faculty and parish members – waiting to tell you about their experiences with St. Mary Parish School. Contact us to schedule a time to visit with us.